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Price:   $23.95
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Title Darker Side Of Desire Vol. 2
Studio Sweet Sinner
Category Gonzo Movies
Director Jacky St. James
Release Date 07.03.2018
Length 90 Minutes
Discs 1
UPC 126941105045
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Gia Paige
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Katrina Jade
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Aidra Fox
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Giselle Palmer

Having abandoned the BDSM lifestyle after her inability to accept that she wasn't normal, Sydney finds herself desperately missing it. Unable to dive right back in, she decides to write her thesis on BDSM and the pursuit of abnormal sex. Her research includes interviewing three women in the lifestyle. But, as Sydney delves deeper into the lives of these women, she finds herself longing to return to her role as a submissive. Sydney's interviews lead to a man named Michael - known for helping women realize their darkest desires. After a brief encounter, Michael gives Sydney the ultimate challenge - give him 24 hours to entice her back into the lifestyle. Is Sydney brave enough to venture deeper into the kinky world that scares and excites her, or is distance enough to whet her appetite?

Price:   $23.95
Ships in 1-5 days . Discreet Packaging. Shipping Costs $4.95. Price includes VAT.
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